Samuel Morin: I'm Going to Play in the NHL Because of My Defense

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Samuel Morin is adjusting to pro hockey in his rookie season. Photo Credit: Nina Weiss
After Lehigh Valley Phantoms practice on Tuesday, I had the opportunity to sit down with rookie defenseman Samuel Morin to catch up on how he's adjusting to life as a professional hockey player.

We talked about several different things - his first 3-in-3 of pro hockey, his adjustment process, the physical play, his ticket to the NHL, the penalty kill and his first year living on his own.

I transcribed the interview after the jump. Take a look.

Morin on his first 3-in-3 at the pro level:
We played three-in-three in the Q, but it's not that kind of travel - going to Providence, coming back at 2 a.m. - it was pretty tough for the first one, but it's done now.
On playing at home in the team's first home stand:
I love to play at the PPL Center. The fans are the best in the league so far, I went to Providence - it's nothing like here. I can't wait to play those games.
Morin on a self-assessment of how he's played through six games:
I haven't done anything amazing, but I think I'm adjusting pretty well. Defensively, I think I'm doing my job. I had two good games against Providence this weekend. Defensively I was sharp. I was tiring against Toronto like everyone was, but I think I'm adjusting pretty well.  
I like it. I'm working hard and I know points are going to come if I continue to play like this. I think we're playing pretty well, just not so lucky.
Morin on the physical play in the AHL more suitable to his game:
It's fun. Some guys are huge. I was just playing against Johnson, the guy from Toronto. He's the biggest guy I've ever seen on the ice. He's just huge. I like it. I can play more my style here. I have to be careful, I still take some penalties sometimes with this. I think coach Gordon likes it. He told me I know you're going to take some penalties sometimes, but he wants me to play physical.
Morin on focusing on taking a defense-first approach here:
I'm going to play in the NHL because of my defense, not because of my offense. Guys like Gostisbehere are going to play in the NHL because of their offense. The first thing I need to be good at is my defense. I want to be really sharp at this. When you're sharp on defense, you're more in the offense so points are going to come. I know it if I continue to play good defense.
Morin on playing on the penalty kill:
It's tougher than the Q. Guys are good, like Providence had a really good power play - we knew that. It's tough, guys are more skilled. But I'm adjusting. It's just six games, but I'm feeling more comfortable.
Morin on his progression from first AHL preseason game to now:
My first preseason game in the AHL was like wow, those guys are good. Now I feel like I'm at my place. I feel comfortable. It's my first year, so it's different - living in the apartments and on my own with no parents. 


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