John Curry to Play in DEL Next Season

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Backup goaltender John Curry has signed with the Hamburg Freezers of the German DEL, this according to their team's website. I didn't expect Curry to be playing in Wilkes-Barre next season but I'm surprised that he won't be playing in North America in 2011-12. That makes the second Penguins player in a week to sign overseas in Germany (Steve Wagner).

More details and insights on what the Pens can do now in searching for a goalie to back up Brad Thiessen after the jump.

The departure of Curry leaves the Penguins system with three goalies: Brad Thiessen (RFA), Patrick Killeen and Mattias Modig.

Curry's departure also nearly guarantees that Thiessen will be re-signed and be the Penguins top goalie in Wilkes-Barre next season. What isn't clear is who will be backing him up in 2011-12.

Both Killeen and Modig are unproven and the organization's best bet is to add a veteran goalie through free agency in July. A veteran capable of playing at least 30-35 games, in case of injury or recall.  It shouldn't be too hard to attract a few guys like that, considering the WBS Penguins have a ton of selling points including a good fan base, top of the line practice facilities, great coaching staff, etc.

It will be interesting to see who will be #2 in Wilkes-Barre next season. Right now, I would put Killeen ahead of Modig on the depth chart. That could change in training camp and the pre-season however.


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