Penguins Practice UPDATE 11/27

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
A picture of Sill I took at the Penguins annual Development Scrimmage back in July.
The Penguins had a light skate today at the Coal Street Rink, after a successful three-win week capped by a 5-4 shootout win in Atlantic City on Sunday. Something I didn't touch on in the recap of the game, but the Penguins improved to 3-0 in shootouts this season. The Devils dropped to 0-5 in the shootout.

The Penguins worked on some 4-on-4 stuff this morning and headed off the ice after about an hour. The news of the day is that Zach Sill was skating in a regular practice jersey. He told a few fans on his way off the ice that he's hoping to return to the lineup this weekend.

The Penguins practice at Coal Street again tomorrow and Thursday so check back often for more updates on the team.

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