Some Photoshop Fun For Valentines Day (Part 1 - Phantoms)

Friday, February 13, 2015
Enjoy some Phantoms-themed Valentines Day cards!
With the help of good friend @RyanNoble66, I was able to make a few Lehigh Valley Phantoms themed Valentines Day cards for fans of the team to share and use freely.

ALSO: Check out these neat OHL-inspired Valentines featuring the Barrie Colts. Be sure to follow the Very Barrie Colts blog for all your Barrie Colts-related needs!

Which Phantoms Valentine is your favorite? See all six after the jump!

Austin Fyten. This one was almost too easy.
Andrew Gordon. Oh the puns.
Nick Cousins. Lighting more than just the lamp.
Derek Mathers. Because why not.
Blair Jones. Absent from the ice but not our hearts.
Jesper Pettersson. Everyone's favorite little Swede!