Highland Park Hockey Coverage Announcement Part 1

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Lehigh Valley Phantoms hockey is right around the corner. Photo: Nina Weiss/Highland Park Hockey
BREAKING NEWS: The best source of daily Lehigh Valley Phantoms coverage is only going to get better in 2016-17

Written by: Tony Androckitis, Twitter/FaceBook

It's with great pleasure I get to inform the avid readers here at Highland Park Hockey that this website is continuing to grow and will be reflected in the dedicated, quality work you will see online here this upcoming hockey season. For news and information surrounding the American Hockey League (AHL), there is going to be more content here to read this season than ever before. It's something AHL fans should start to get excited about.

In order to continue providing the very best when it comes to around the clock coverage of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, I'm pleased to announce that writer Tim Riday will be joining Highland Park Hockey's dedicated Phantoms coverage on game day & more during the 2016-17 season in addition to Flyers prospect pieces that he will also be contributing throughout the year. You can follow Tim on Twitter -> @TimRiday to further keep up on the latest news/info.

An extra set of eyes and another viewpoint is going to add a whole new dimension to the way Flyers and Phantoms fans will be able to really keep their fingers on the pulse of what's going with their up and coming NHL stars of tomorrow.

There's also going to be a general website announcement coming later week on Friday afternoon that will go into further detail on just how much quality content is going to available for hockey fans around the world to peruse at their leisure, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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  • I'll be linking to this often, but for those interested in helping me continue to travel across the east coast covering the AHL in the upcoming 2016-17 can do so by sharing/donating to my GoFundMe page. Every little bit helps, and sharing the page to others who might be interested is just as important. Help spread the word!


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