Wednesday's WBS Penguins Practice Update

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
The Penguins held one last practice in preparation for tomorrow night's Game Three of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series against Binghamton. They lead the best-of-five series 2-0 and with a win tomorrow, they could advance to the 2nd round.

But like Chad Kolarik said after practice, the series is far from over.

"They've played really well both games, we've just been lucky enough to come out on top" Kolarik said. "The series is a lot closer than the 2-0 suggests."

"I think the start is huge," Kolarik added. "In our building, get our crowd into and see what happens."

Brian Gibbons spoke about finishing the BSens and not allowing them to get any momentum.  The Penguins were in a similar position in the first round last year, leading a best-of-five series 2-0 and needed a Game Five to defeat the Hershey Bears.

"I think when you get a chance to close a team out, you want to close them out," Gibbons said. "If they get one game then they build off that momentum, kind of like Hershey did last year. We definitely don't want to put ourselves in that situation."

The team ended practice with their usual shootout, but when it got down to Dylan Reese, Brian Gibbons and Jayson Megna, the guys on the team were definitely rooting for Reese to be the last man to score. It felt like it was a player from the road team coming in on the goalie as the teammates jokingly booed Reese on his final few attempts. Unfortunately for them, Reese made his attempt and Megna missed his, resulting in Megna losing the shootout. Not sure what was on the line, but the guys were definitely rooting against Reese. A little fun before things get serious tomorrow night.

Today's lines from practice:





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